Thank-you past Oktoberfest participants!  We have donated over $13,000 to the RIH Foundation in the 6 years of Oktoberfest.  We are no longer doing the Oktoberfest event, however....there is still an event for the October 1st weekend!  It is part of the Brewloops festival with a two day mountain biking event that includes amazing food, mircrobrewies from the Pacific Northwest and live music outside!  Catharine Pendrel, Olympic medalist has a hand in the mountain bike will be an epic weekend.  more info

Harper Mountain Oktoberfest 2015

To all the Runners and Mountain Bikers that helped us donate a total of $11,800 to the RIH Foundation in our 5 years of fun!

Man trail running in 5km Oktoberfest running race      Female Mountain Biker riding rock face.


Mountain Biker